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Topponcino Transitional Mattress

59,99 €

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Topponcino is a small, oval and flexible mattress that forms an enveloping cocoon. It conforms to the shape of a baby’s body, while providing support for the head and back. 

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It conforms to the shape of a baby’s body, while providing support for the head and back. This is a transitional mattress that will serve as a base to move the baby ; the baby falls asleep in your arms nestled on the Topponcino. It will be easier to put them back in bed without waking them up. There is no change in temperature, or smell or material. In other words, no change to startle the baby, and babies are very sensitive to changes. The Topponcino is also useful when breastfeeding or changing a diaper. The overriding concept is to reinforce assurance, security as well as comfort ; all innate things we as humans seek from birth.

Advantages of the Topponcino:

• Keeps baby warm ; the baby stays in constant contact with the mattress.

• Retains the smell and scent of the mother : the Topponcino the mother is wearing and in which the baby will nestle « takes on » the mother’s smell. This reassures and soothes the baby.

• Supports for the baby’s body: Babies like to feel supported, « cocooned ». The warmth and envelopment of the mother’s womb is replicated and instills security.

• Facilitates moving a baby from one place to another with little disturbance.

• Safety. Many parents, especially first time parents, are not always comfortable with a small baby. The Topponcino makes it easier, safer and gives the person carrying the child more confidence in doing so.

Cover in Organic Cotton, certified GOTS .

Wadding padding around the head.

Removable Cover, consumers have the possibility to buy an additional cover. Easy to use and ensures the baby always has a clean and healthy sleeping place.


Marque Candide
Age Recommended 0-4 month
Material Fabric : 59% polyester, 41% cotton
lining : 100% cotton
filling : 100 polyester
color Beige
Dimensions 46cm x 70cm x 2.5cm
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