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Pregnancy and Maternity

Are you going to be a parent? Congratulations! Now it's time to make the most of your pregnancy. Le Choix Des Bébés offers you childcare items for pregnancy and maternity. To bring comfort to these 9 months of pregnancy, it is recommended to use a pregnancy pillow, also called maternity pillow. These cushions can also be used as a nursing pillow. If you want to know more about their use, Le choix Des Bébés invites you to discover its selection of pregnancy pillows and its selection of nursing pillows with all the explanations to know which nursing pillow to choose.

Nursing cushion - Pregnancy cushion - Maternity cushion

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Category Pregnancy and Maternity

In the Pregnancy and Maternity Category, you will find all of our childcare items for moms and moms-to-be. The 9 months of pregnancy are a wonderful period, but can be accompanied by some discomfort.  Our Candide and Tinéo items have been designed to ensure that your maternity experience is a peaceful one.

Here you will find our Pregnancy Pillows, Maternity Pillows and our well-known Multirelax Cushions. Once baby has arrived, some multi-functional Maternity Pillows can also be used as Breastfeeding Pillows or for secure rest time for the baby such as with our Multirelax Cushion, which also has a bouncer function!

When traveling, Candide and Tinéo offer accessories such as our Breast / Bottle Feeding Armband (also known as a Nursing Cuff).  It is not bulky and is easy to wash in a machine.  There is also the “Skin-to-Skin” Shirt designed so a baby can be as close to mom or dad as possible, feel the warmth of their body and as well as their smell; both warmth and scent being calming and reassuring to babies.  Skin-to-Skin allows babies to self-soothe and develop a sense of comfort and security:  a Cocoon recreating the sense of being in the womb.   

Skin to Skin is encouraged within the medical profession and is regarded as a preferred way to soothe, calm and reassure newborns and infants. 

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