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Skin to skin tube

The practice of skin-to-skin is very beneficial for baby because it recreates the feeling in utero that he experienced during pregnancy. This ancient practice is still appreciated today and Le Choix Des Bébés suggests using a skin-to-skin headband to bring you more comfort and security. The skin-to-skin headband can be used by a woman or a man and comes in several sizes. The stretchy material of the skin-to-skin headband allows it to fit many body types. The benefits of the skin-to-skin headband are numerous, just try the skin-to-skin to have great chances to adopt this practice in everyday life.

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The Candide Expert product line is designed to offer ergonomic products that are easy to use and respond to well-known infant pathologies. The subject of "skin to skin daddy" is very much in demand and you will see that daddy is not forgotten in this practice and that it is very beneficial for the child to be at the same skin level with his mother as well as with his father. Candide expert's skin-to-skin headbands are soft and made of 92% cotton, respectful of baby's skin and pleasant to the touch. Baby's choice offers skinbands in neutral colors, unisex, and adaptable to all bodies. Did you know? Skin-to-skin nursing promotes lactation. Another good reason to use a skin-to-skin band to practice breastfeeding on demand. Nothing is more beautiful than strengthening the parent-baby bond by allowing direct contact, the transition from mom's belly to the outside world is then smoother. Don't forget that skin-to-skin contact is the first contact your baby will have with his or her mom or dad. It is therefore natural to want to continue this act even after the birth. In addition to the physical benefits of skin-to-skin contact, this practice also helps to develop an emotional bond with baby because he or she will be lulled by the smells, voices and heartbeat of the parent. Many parents wonder about skin-to-skin until what age they can practice it? We recommend that you practice it until your child is 3 months old. Some tips for practicing skin-to-skin: Baby's head should always be turned and his face should be clear so that it is always visible. His mouth and nose should always be free and his chin slightly raised, it is this position that will be the most comfortable for baby and the most secure. As for baby's legs, they should be bent, your child is then in a semi-sitting position and his chest is thus facing yours; it is in this position that baby can be covered with the skin-to-skin headband. It is important to note that the skin-to-skin band should not be used if your baby has a fever, because as mentioned, this practice promotes his body heat through yours. Similarly, it should be avoided if the parent is feeling tense or tired.

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