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Child comforter and pillow

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Category Child comforter and pillow

Designed to be soft and improve baby's comfort, the child pillow is specially designed and adapted for the sleep of toddlers. Soft to the touch, it is very pleasant for baby who will love to snuggle up to it to spend good nights. This type of pillow specially adapted to children allows them to get used to sleeping with a pillow. We remind you that baby should not use a pillow before 12 months. What is the difference between a child pillow and an adult pillow? The size of these pillows is specially designed to adapt to the morphology of children, they measure 40x60cm and therefore fit a baby bed. If your baby has sensitive skin, you will find on Le Choix Des Bébés baby pillows designed with Tencel fabrics, made from eucalyptus wood and thermoregulating. These characteristics are particularly adapted to babies with fragile skin. You can wash our pillows in the washing machine at 30 degrees to provide baby with a clean and healthy pillow.

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