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Nursing cushion

Breastfeeding is a special moment between mother and baby and it is important to be well equipped. The breastfeeding pillow will become an essential childcare accessory for your maternity ward. Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable if you are not properly installed. This discomfort can be experienced by both you and your baby, which is why Le choix des bébés offers several types of nursing pillows. The U-shaped nursing pillow will perfectly fit your body. The Multirelax nursing pillow has the advantage of being multi-functional and offers you the baby bouncer function.

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Category Nursing cushion

A nursing pillow with a removable cover will be more practical to wash regularly because of baby's spit-up. It is important to choose a nursing pillow with a soft fabric for baby, prefer cotton which is healthier and more pleasant for his skin. Don't forget that it is possible to sleep with a nursing pillow, it will also help you relieve back pain and support your belly. Whether you choose mixed or exclusive breastfeeding, the nursing pillow will provide you with the comfort you need for those special moments with baby. A nursing cover can be practical to give you privacy and to continue your breastfeeding serenely. Moms who have chosen to breastfeed twins know the difficulty of giving as much attention to one child as to the other. It can also be unbearable to breastfeed them at the same time, and you're looking for the best position to breastfeed twins while providing comfort. Candide's easy Pillow makes it easy and comfortable to breastfeed your twins. The Multirelax nursing pillows also serve as a baby bouncer thanks to their support belt.

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