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Sleeping bag 0-3 months

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Category Sleeping bag 0-3 months

If you are wondering: what is the difference between a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag? The answer is very simple because they are the same thing. For your baby you can buy a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag, baby will feel as well. If baby is due to arrive in winter, he will need a winter sleeping bag, which is very practical because it keeps baby warm when he sleeps. No need to heat the room too much, it is not good, a moderately heated room and a baby covered enough to sleep, here is the winning combo for baby's sleep. Are you looking for an original birth gift for the arrival of a new baby? The birth bonnet and the birth mittens are original and ideal ideas for a newborn. When baby arrives in the world it is important to cover his extremities, Candide offers you an assortment of bonnet and mittens birth delightful and mixed to prepare the arrival of baby. For summer babies, you will find in our sleeping bag category light summer comforters, very adapted to higher temperatures. Even if the temperature is milder, the sleeping bag is a reassuring envelope for baby, often children like to sleep with but they do not like to be too hot. Our summer comforters are designed with light and breathable fabrics to bring comfort to baby without making him sweat.

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