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Skin to skin band

Le Choix Des Bébés - Skin to Skin Headband for Baby, Mom and Dad

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Category Skin to skin band

The skin-to-skin headband puts baby in direct contact with his parents' skin and thus strengthens the parent/baby bond. This baby care accessory allows baby to go gently from his mother's womb to the outside world. Everything changes for him, light, smell, heat. The skin-to-skin headband leaves baby in the fetal position, a reassuring position for him, it also allows him to feel the heartbeat of his parent, the heat of his skin and his smell. In short, baby finds the sensations known in utero. The skin-to-skin headband is more and more recommended in maternity, its benefits are no longer to be demonstrated. In this category you will find the skin-to-skin headbands proposed by the Candide brand, they exist in 2 different sizes and are proposed in a grey, neutral color. The skin-to-skin headband is a must-have for your maternity suitcase but will also be very useful at home. The fabric of the skin-to-skin headband is very soft because it is made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, which makes it comfortable for both parent and baby. It is worn as a bustier in which to slip baby, comfortably installed in an upright position, his head on your bust. Its peach skin touch is a little extra that makes you want to spend a lot of time snuggled up against your baby.

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