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Sleep accessories 

All sleep accessories are important for baby, with 10-15 hours of sleep per day during the first months. Your child will enjoy a deep sleep comfortably installed in our cozy products.

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A baby needs a lot of sleep during his first months of life, that's why it is important to be informed and to choose the right sleeping accessories for your baby. Candide and Tinéo offer you everything you need for baby to sleep in good conditions such as crib reducers, headrest cushions or reclining plans. The recliner is a sleeping accessory that keeps baby slightly inclined during his sleep in order to clear his respiratory tract, to avoid regurgitation and reflux. The head cushion helps baby to keep a well rounded head, some models of head cushions are made with breathable 3D mesh which brings more comfort to baby and allows the air to breathe well avoiding to keep the perspiration. The bed reducers allow to recreate a cocoon to baby, at the beginning he can feel lost in a big bed, to avoid that the bed reducer or sleep cocoon allows to reduce the sleeping space while bringing comfort to baby. Some sleep supports are equipped with removable elements like baby wedges or breathable 3D mesh. The swaddling blanket helps to soothe baby by reminding him of the enveloping environment in utero, practical the swaddling blanket is put on and taken off in 3 movements.