• Cotton 10° Wedge for Cradle (27X35X8cm)
  • Cotton 10° Wedge for Cradle (27X35X8cm)

Cotton 10° Wedge for Cradle (27X35X8cm)

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Expected delivery date : 23/07/2024
  • Déhoussable entretien facile
  • For a healthy night's sleep
  • Improves sleep
  • Slightly raises the head
  • Tilt 10 °
  • Improves infant digestion
  • Prevents regurgitation
  • Clears the respiratory tract
  • Size suitable for cradle 27x35x6cm
  • To be placed between mattress and fitted sheet
  • Fits under baby's head
  • Made from GOTS-certified fabric containing organic cotton
  • Removable cover
  • Machine-washable at 30°.
  • From birth to 24 months
  • Made in France

Slightly elevate baby's chest to prevent GERD

Infant sleep is often disturbed for a variety of reasons. In many cases, it's the notorious GERD or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which refers to the involuntary reflux of stomach contents. This discomfort, well known to specialists, can be alleviated with a baby slope. 

Experts in the field recommend slightly elevating baby's chest to prevent the involuntary upwelling of gastric juices. Candide's cradle incliner offers a 10° incline, sufficient and recommended to slightly elevate baby's head.

Baby's sleep is improved thanks to a slight elevation of the chest to reduce certain aches and pains: 

  • Improves digestion
  • Prevents gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Clears the respiratory tract

Just like you, your baby may be bothered by a cold, and find it harder to breathe fully, especially at night when lying down. To clear his airways and relieve congestion, the reclining surface is the ideal solution. This sleeping accessory can be used whenever your baby has a cold, cough or blocked nose, and will be a precious aid to his comfort during sleep periods.

The ideal 10° cotton cot wegde for cradle

Like all parents, you want the best for your baby, and you want quality. Candide, an expert brand in the nursery market, puts quality, safety and responsible materials at the heart of its products.

This Coton recliner with 10° slope is ideal for improving baby's sleep by providing a healthy sleeping surface. Fully removable, it features a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. The cotton used to manufacture the cradle recliner cover is perfect for babies' sensitive skin, and is pesticide-free, making it more environmentally friendly.

Are you sensitive to baby products made with GOTS-certified organic cotton? Candide offers you a complete range of baby products made from organic cotton.

The 10° cot wedge is easy to install in the cradle and have a removable cover

This 10° cradle recliner is fully removable, and you can machine-wash the cover at 30° to keep it intact. Filled with polyurethane foam, this is the material most commonly used in the manufacture of baby recliners and mattresses too. This material provides comfort and strength, ensuring the longevity of your baby recliner. Polyurethane foam must not be machine-washed or come into contact with water.

To install your 10° cotton crib recliner, simply place it between your crib mattress and the fitted sheet. This is the safest way to use your baby recliner. The 10° inclination is recommended by industry experts.

A baby sleep accessory made in France 

This 10° inclined surface, to be placed in a baby crib, measures 27x35cm and is 6cm thick. You can use the Coton cradle slider from baby's birth up to 24 months.

Made in France, at the Candide factory in Maine et Loire (49).



Tissu coton biologique certifié GOTS
Dès la naissance jusqu'à 24 mois
Dessous : 52% Polyester 48% Coton
Garnissage : 100% Polyuréthane
Tissu : 52% polyester - 48% coton
27cm x 35cm x 6cm

Questions about this product?

    What is GOTS certification ?

    GOTS signifie Global Organic Textile Standard, c'est un label qui vous assure que votre produit a été conçu à partir de pratiques plus éthiques. Véritable gage de qualité, c'est la preuve tangible que le textile utilisé est respectueux de l'environnement. 

    De plus, ce label vous assure que des conditions de travail honorables ont été mises en place, ainsi qu'un contexte sanitaire irréprochable, lors de la confection du tissu certifié GOTS.

    Le label GOTS vous garantit:

    • Un mode de confection durable
    • Le respect de l'environnement et du travail des Hommes
    • La préservation des ressources utilisées et des matières premières utiles à la production du textile
    • L'intervention et le contrôle d'organismes dédiés, veillant au bon respect des règles du label

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