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Play mat

The motor mat is a great play area for your baby. This play area is equipped with a layer of several centimeters that allows your child to sit or lie comfortably and safely on the floor. The play area is usually composed of cushions and several toys (games, wooden games, games with sounds...). For the first months of baby, it is ideal, our motor mats are easily foldable and some can be transformed into house and tunnel to make motor skills.

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In this category; Motor Skills and Mobility Play Mats, you will find various designs and patterns as well as two sizes:  Large and Extra Large.  The Candide and Tineo Play Mats can be used on the floor at home as well as outside on the grass or sand at the beach. 

The Candide and Tineo Play Mats are well-priced and durable; easy to clean with a removable cover and easy to store when folded.

The Candide Black and White Motor Skills Mats are designed to stimulate and help with a baby’s development; inspired by the Montessori Method to develop a baby’s vision through black and white shapes and designs.   

Motor Skills Play Mats should have a foam pad of between 3 cm and 5 cm in thickness. The Large Versions have 4 “tiles” or squares.  When folded in 2, it becomes a mattress with a thickness of 10 cm.  This is very practical when traveling or when having a visiting child spends the night. 

Folded in 4, the Play Mat becomes a small stool which allows a child to sit comfortably with bigger people.

The Extra Large Play Mat can be used for five (5) different functions:  a Play Mat, an Extra Mattress, an Extra Large Stool for Sitting, a Play Tunnel can be made as well as a Play Fort in which to play inside! 

The Candide and Tineo Play Mats come in a range of colors and themes allowing you to choose one that fits the colors you like. 

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