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Do you know the swaddling blankets for baby? They allow you to wrap your baby and remind him of the sensations experienced in utero. Candide has developed swaddling blankets called Candizen that allow you to swaddle baby quickly and easily. Baby can be held totally or partially, because he can put his arms and/or legs out to be more comfortable and it also allows you to gently undress him. It will be very easy for you to swaddle baby quickly in 3 movements in this Candizen with soft and comfortable material. The swaddling blanket is made with a high percentage of cotton, which is why its material is very pleasant and very comforting. The swaddling blanket comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one you like best to match your baby's little things. The swaddling blanket can have a real impact on the sleep of some babies, this position allows to make baby calmer, to calm his anxieties, indeed the fact of being in a big bed can generate in the very small one an anxiety. Moreover, the night awakening of the baby can be due to brisque gestures of this last during the night.

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