Category Evolving sleeping bag 6-36 months

The evolutionary sleeping bag is ideal to curl up baby from his 6 months to his 36 months. This type of sleeping bag adapts perfectly to baby's growth. Often the evolutive sleeping bag is adapted thanks to a system of pressures which makes it possible to shorten it and to adapt it to the small size of baby. You will have the impression to slip baby in a 0-6 months sleeping bag or in a 6-18 months sleeping bag. Several models of sleeping bags are available, you will have to choose between 2 criteria: the kind and the season. You can choose a baby girl sleeping bag, a baby boy sleeping bag or a mixed sleeping bag if you want a more neutral model but just as pretty. Your baby will grow up and that's when you can remove the snaps of your baby sleeping bag to let him put his little legs in the extra space. Your sleeping bag will serve you for a long time and is now a 24-36 months sleeping bag. Your baby will be comfortable at night in the 36 month sleeping bag that he has known since he was a toddler.

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