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Discover a multitude of practical and durable products for travel as well as daily outings with your baby.

Folding and / or Rolled Mattresses, our range of Car Travel Products designed to make leaving home with your baby easy and enjoyable.

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Going out with your baby should be easy and pleasant.  In the car, a baby will need to not just be comfortable, but also safely fitted into his travel seat.  In addition to safety while travel, exposure to the sun should be regulated. 

Sleep is a critical element in the first 3, 6 and 9 months and therefore an environment conducive to sleep is important. 

The Tinéo range offers several items for travel: 

A Cover to protect the Car Seat helps keep it clean and makes it easier to sell as a second hand item.  A Cover also serves parents who decided to buy a second-hand Cover themselves. 

The Stroller Organizer makes traveling outside the car easy to organize as there are multiple compartments; all with easy and simple access.

Sun Protection is very important.  Tineo Car Window Socks completely cover the window AND allow for the car window to be lowered without removing the Sun Shade Sock!

Two different kinds of Travel Mattress are available:  one type is easily rolled and the other is easily folded.  Both are easy to store when not in use and are great to have for naps in the car, camping as well as overnight sleeping.  The Travel Mattress of both Candide and Tineo are Made in Western France. 

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