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Baby Warm Heating Pad

There is nothing better than warmth to soothe a baby, especially when they are sick.  A Warm Heat Pad reassures, particularly when a baby can grasp it and hold it close. 

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What are the benefits of a Baby Warm Heating Pad?  There are many. 

It is not uncommon for babies to have difficulties digesting, experience colic and stomach discomfort.  One reason is because the digestive system of babies is still fragile and developing.  Sometimes a simple Heating Pad will help provide relief.  Both Candide and Tineo offer Heating Pads that have been designed here in France.  There are two types offered:  one with a belt to help keep the Heating Pad in place.  The Heating Pads are filled with cherry pits; the interior pouch can be removed from the Heating Pad, warmed in a microwave and replaced.  The second type is one without a belt and is suited for various parts of the body (legs, joints, head), not just the stomach.  The interior pouch contains flax seeds which can be warmed in a microwave.

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