Cloudy mini massage hot water bottle

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Expected delivery date : 26/06/2024
    • Mini massage hot water bottle
    • Ideal for everyday aches and pains
    • Combines heat + massage
    • Tender and cuddly character
    • Adjustable with the support belt
    • Hook-and-loop strap
    • To be placed on the stomach
    • Removable cherry stone pocket
    • Microwave heating bag

    An adjustable and practical baby hot water bottle

    Tinéo's Cloudy mini hot water bottle will adapt to baby with its adjustable belt to give him a soft and pleasant feeling of warmth. The combined action of heat and massage using cherry stones will comfort baby.

    The support belt is very practical since it allows the mini massage hot water bottle to be correctly positioned on the baby's stomach with its self-gripping strip.

    Easy to use, you just need to place the bag of cherry stones to heat in the microwave, for 20 seconds at a power of 800W or 40 seconds at a power of 400W.

    The tender and cuddly character will go very well with the soft world of baby.

    The benefits of thermotherapy for babies :

    Thermotherapy, that is to say the controlled use of heat for therapeutic purposes, has notable benefits for babies. Moderate exposure to heat can promote muscle relaxation, relieve tension and improve blood circulation, contributing to the overall well-being of little ones. Specific applications of heat therapy in babies include using a hot water bottle to relieve stomach aches caused by colic, gas or constipation.
    A natural hot water bottle made from cherry stones

    Cherry stones have the ability to accumulate and release heat efficiently. When heated, they retain heat for an extended period of time, providing a continuous heat source. Additionally, cherry pits are naturally lightweight, making them ideal for use in a baby hot water bottle, as they are not too heavy on the application area.

    Furthermore, cherry pits not only retain heat, but they can also release moist heat. This feature can be beneficial in relieving muscle tension, joint pain and promoting relaxation. Additionally, cherry pit hot water bottles can be used in versatile ways, whether to soothe an upset stomach, relieve cramps, or simply provide a comforting feeling of warmth. In summary, the use of cherry stones in a hot water bottle combines the advantages of prolonged heat, lightness and the possibility of restoring moist heat, making it a perfect choice for the practice of thermotherapy.


    Dès la naissance jusqu'à 4 mois
    Bouillotte : 100% noyaux de cerises
    Garnissage : 100% polyester
    Tissu principal : 100% polyester
    Dépliée : 56x10x3 cm
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