Cloudy 10° inclined plane for 60x120 cm bed

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Expected delivery date : 26/06/2024
  • Déhoussable entretien facile
  • Helps reduce baby's discomfort
  • Raise the head slightly
  • 10° tilt
  • Frees the respiratory tract
  • Promotes better digestion
  • Avoid regurgitation
  • Improves baby's nights
  • For baby bed 60x120cm
  • To be placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet
  • Very soft sponge material
  • Place the baby's head on the little character
  • Fully removable cover
  • Cover machine washable at 30°
  • Usable from birth
  • Made in France

The 10° inclined plane reduces baby's discomfort

Sleep is crucial for children. Did you know that a baby sleeps on average between 14 and 18 per day until they are 3 months old? Rest time punctuates your child's days, which is why it is very important to guarantee him or her an ideal sleeping environment.

Very often our little ones are sick (nasal congestion, colds, slight snoring, etc.) and find themselves congested. When bedtime or nap time arrives this becomes even more problematic since once lying on his back, your baby may have difficulty breathing properly. This is where your Tinéo Cloudy 10° inclined plane will come in handy.

By slightly raising baby's head, at an inclination of 10°, his airways are freed and baby breathes better, which benefits his sleep.
The inclined plane is useful for babies with digestive disorders

There are various digestive disorders in infants (regurgitation, gastric reflux, etc.) but GERD is the most sensitive pathology. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux refers to the backing of baby's stomach contents into their esophagus. This well-known pathology in infants is extremely annoying for your child and certainly prevents him from sleeping properly. Here again the 10° inclined plane can be a real solution since by slightly elevating the baby's head, this prevents these refluxes from rising too high. The discomfort is reduced and it helps baby sleep more comfortably.

The 10° inclination is sufficient to avoid regurgitation of milk after the bottle, once lying down.

The 10° Cloudy inclined plane from Tinéo is easy to install and use

It is placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet, under the baby's head. This installation allows you to slightly raise your bust, placing your head higher in order to avoid any type of reflux.

Practical, the 10° inclined surface is removable, which makes it easy to clean since the cover can be machine washed at 30° to keep its fabric intact. The terry cloth is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Little tip for parents: the Cloudy pattern tells you exactly where to place baby's head for optimal use. This 10° inclined plane is to be placed in a baby bed measuring 60x120cm.

The Tinéo Cloudy 10° inclined plane is a children's sleep accessory made in France in compliance with childcare standards linked to this product, in particular its 10° inclination.


Dès la naissance jusqu'à 2 ans
Dessous : 52% Polyester 48% Coton
Extérieur: 100% Polyester
Garnissage : 100% Polyuréthane
56x35x5 cm

Questions about this product?

    How do I install my baby cot wedge?

    Normally, for safety during sleep, an infant should lie flat on its back. In some cases, however, it may be more comfortable or necessary to place the baby on an inclined surface.

    Placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet under baby's head, this inclined surface raises baby's head to ensure a better night's sleep.

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