Tinéo, Cuddly and very clever

Tinéo is the playful, fun and colorful childcare brand that accompanies your children in their first moments of life!
Discover the smart products, designed by our team of enthusiasts located in Angers (49). Everyday products thought out and adapted to make your life easier !

Tinéo accompanies baby every day

Our Tinéo mattresses are designed to support baby's sleep at the best price while providing quality sleep. Also find the Tinéo sleep cocoon to wrap baby in softness during his first weeks of life! As for games, the clever Tinéo mats will allow you to awaken and discover things while having fun with their playhouse or tunnel functions!

Also find travel essentials, rolled mattresses for baby's rest, functional and practical changing bags, or car accessories that make journeys fun and comfortable !

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Tinéo: French childcare brand with a fun and colorful universe

Enter the fun and colorful world of Tinéo, the childcare brand that transforms your little ones' first moments of life into a real celebration! Immerse yourself in the creativity of our team of enthusiasts based in Angers (49), where humor and mischief are the secret ingredients that give life to our clever products.

Imagine Tinéo mattresses that are not just cozy, but real sleep heroes, ensuring peaceful nights for your baby without burning a hole in your wallet. And when it comes to having fun, our clever mats transform into amazing playgrounds with their cabin or tunnel functions, ready to make every waking moment a colorful adventure!

But Tinéo doesn’t stop there. We are the companions of your getaways, with travel mattresses that make every place a potential rest, Tinéo changing bags that offer large storage volume and practicality, and car accessories that transform routine journeys into thrilling journeys!

So, if you want to inject a good dose of joy, practicality and fantasy into your daily life with baby, Tinéo is here to offer you an experience as captivating as a family comedy show. Because at Tinéo, we believe that every moment with your little one should be a celebration!

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