Category Baby mattress 70x140cm

You will find on Le choix des bébés many baby mattresses without treatment. All the baby mattresses 70x140 of the brands Candide and Tinéo are made in France. Our French baby mattresses are made in Maine et Loire (49) in Angers. Candide, expert brand in childcare has been specialized for many years in the manufacture of baby mattresses Made In France. In addition to our 70x140 baby mattresses, you can also find our 60x120 baby mattresses and our travel mattresses for children in rolled or folding versions. Are you looking for an evolving baby mattress? Candide offers reversible mattresses that adapt to the child's weight. More interested in a natural baby mattress? To know which mattress to choose for your baby, Le choix des bébés provides you with a maximum of details on each product to know everything about the density of the baby mattress and the specificities of each mattress. The team of the choice of the babies is with your listening to advise you on the choice of your mattress baby 70x140.

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