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Awake and Aware

During the first months and years, babies learn:  they are inquisitive, looking intensely at objects, trying to touch things and also trying to sit up, crawl and walk; all driven by curiosity and a quickly developing mind and body.

Colors, textures, sounds, people’s faces all become interesting, attracting the attention of a baby.  We make a range of hand-crafted wooden play yards and Motor Skills play mats to encourage development, both mental and physical.

Baby's Awakening - Play Mat - Motricity and Awakening Mat

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Category Awake and Aware

The awakening of baby is a crucial period for its development and these moments must be accompanied by adapted accessories of awakening. Le choix des bébés offers you its category of awakening in which you will find all our mats of awakening and motor skills for baby as well as our cushions of awakening and discoveries. The mats offer a large surface for play, baby can lie down, roll, sit and be comfortable. Throughout his growth, baby can use his mat. There are 2 sizes of playmats, the XXL version of our playmats is multifunctional and allows you to transport the mat in a tunnel or in a cabin thanks to a specific folding. Several colors and patterns are available, so you're sure to find the mat that your little one will love! Everything your baby needs for his awakening can be found in this category!

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