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Awake and Aware

During the first months and years, babies learn:  they are inquisitive, looking intensely at objects, trying to touch things and also trying to sit up, crawl and walk; all driven by curiosity and a quickly developing mind and body.

Colors, textures, sounds, people’s faces all become interesting, attracting the attention of a baby.  We make a range of hand-crafted wooden play yards and Motor Skills play mats to encourage development, both mental and physical.

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Category Awake and Aware

Becoming aware of the surroundings is a critical period in a baby’s early development. 

To encourage safe and good development, Play Pens offer an advantage as they allow for better and easier supervision by an adult.  Different sizes and shapes are available within the Combelle range. 

Floor Heights are adjustable to make it easier for babies to be placed in or removed from the Comeblle Play Pens.

Play Mats that come in different colors can be added for more comfort.

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