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Wondering how to choose a baby sheet? It's very simple and on Le Choix des Bébés you can find a selection of undersheets adapted for baby. First, you will have to choose the size of your sheet according to the size of the baby bed. Our website offers you the choice between crib mattress pads, 60x120 crib mattress pads or 70x140 crib mattress pads. If you have chosen a second hand vintage crib, you will need to add a crib mattress and a crib mattress pad to protect it. If it's your baby's first bed, you choose a 60x120 crib mattress, but think about extending its life by adding a 60x120 crib sheet. Baby is growing fast and it's time to offer him a 70x140 bed with a matching mattress. Here again, you'll have to change the 70x140 baby sheet to protect the mattress from small leaks. The undersheets benefit from a great quality of absorption and are often composed of cotton which makes them soft, sometimes with a terry touch. For babies with sensitive skin, there are Zen baby underpads that contain bamboo viscose, ideal for the fragile skin of your little ones.

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