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Bed linen 

It is important to choose a baby bedding that is appropriate for the sleeping accessories you use for your child. Several types of crib linens will be very useful for you, especially the use of a baby sheet to avoid staining the baby mattress in case of small accidents. Also think of using a baby fitted sheet for your 60x120 or 70x140 mattress. A baby pillow is adapted to the sleep of the young child. The child pillow is to be used from 12 months for its comfort and its safety.

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Le Choix Des Bébés offers a selection of children's bedding adapted for use by toddlers. The 60x120 fitted sheet or the 70x140 fitted sheet are essential accessories to cover the mattress and avoid staining or damaging it. It is also advisable to use a draw sheet which protects the mattress even more because the draw sheet sponges up any leaks. To choose your baby sheet you can opt for a classic cotton sheet with a soft terry touch which makes it more pleasant for baby. This type of product is available in 60x120 or 70x140 sheets depending on the size of the crib. For parents who prefer natural materials or who have a baby with sensitive skin, you will find on Le Choix Des Bébés, undersheets made with bamboo viscose, very soft and healthy for baby's skin. The undersheets available on our website are available in several sizes to meet your different baby needs. Need a crib sheet to protect your crib mattress? Our 40x80 crib sheets will be ideal for your baby crib. All of our sheets are also available in 60x120 and 70x140 sizes. Did you know? It is recommended to have baby sleep on a pillow from 12 months for his comfort and safety. Le Choix Des Bébés offers children's pillows that are adapted for little ones and respect all childcare standards. Our pillows are soft and fluffy to get baby used to sleeping with a pillow.