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The baby mattress is an essential childcare item that must be chosen with care. You are probably wondering which mattress to choose for your baby? Le Choix Des Bébés brings you a lot of advices to choose the best baby mattress that will bring comfort and security to your child. Several sizes of mattresses are available: baby mattress 60x120, baby mattress 70x140 but also crib mattresses and baby carriage mattresses. It is also possible to equip a second hand baby crib with a new baby mattress. To go on vacation with baby, it is ideal to use a baby travel mattress or a folding baby mattress.

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Le choix des bébés is constantly offering you innovative and committed childcare articles. The Candide brand offers an eco-responsible baby mattress made in France. Called Ocean friendly mattress, it is made of a block of recycled polyester fibers from the oceans. Candide joins the SEAQUAL initiative to offer comfortable and committed baby mattresses. Whether you are looking for a technical baby mattress, a cheap baby mattress, a bamboo baby mattress, a nomad baby mattress, a latex baby mattress or many other types of mattresses, you will find the mattress that suits you on Le Choix Des Bébés. All the mattresses sold on Le Choix des Bébés comply with the NF EN 16890 standard, because baby's safety is a priority. Don't forget that a baby mattress must be firm enough and that there are evolutionary baby mattresses with 2 sleeping surfaces depending on the age of the child. All our mattresses are made in France with a recognized historical know-how. Our mattresses are designed in France to provide maximum comfort to the child and to suit the most sensitive babies. It is important that you can easily maintain your baby mattress, that is why we have chosen to offer you removable baby mattresses on almost all the ranges of baby mattresses 60x120 but also on the baby mattresses 70x140. In case of doubt the customer service of the choice of the babies is there to help you to choose the mattress the most adapted to your needs and those of baby.

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