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Topponcino Transitional Mattress

59,99 €

Including 0,06 € for ecotax

  • Transitional sleep support
  • Inspired by the "Montessori method"
  • Does not wake up baby on the go
  • Keeps the smell and body heat, reassuring for baby
  • Makes breastfeeding or changing easier
  • Conforms to baby's body shape
  • Ideal for presenting baby to the family
  • Made with organic cotton certified GOTS
  • Wadding filling
  • Boudins de padding around the head
  • Removable cover
  • Additional spare cover sold separately

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The Topponcino: the Montessori approach to welcome babies from birth. For Maria Montessori, it is important to provide the newborn with a feeling of security and to ensure good head support during the first months. Care must be taken to handle it, move it and dress it gently, it is so delicate. The Topponcino is a small oval and flexible sleep support which from birth constitutes an enveloping cocoon. It conforms to the shape of the baby's body, while providing support for the maintenance of his head and his back. This is a transitional mattress that will serve as a base for moving baby. The child falls asleep in his arms on his Topponcino for example, it will be easier to put him back in his bed without risking waking him; there is no change in temperature, odor or material. Can also be useful when breastfeeding or changing. The idea being that the child feels enveloped and therefore reassured. The advantages of Topponcino: Keeps body heat: because the baby remains in permanent contact with his mattress. Keeps odors away: this mattress, which the mother wears and in which her baby will curl up, will take on her smell as well as hers. Maintains the body: babies especially like to feel supported. They find the narrowness of their mother's uterus, which makes them feel secure. Makes movement easier: allows baby to be easily placed in his bed without waking him up after falling asleep. Secure the wearer: some parents or family members are not comfortable with tiny babies. The Topponcino allows to bring more security to the one who carries the child. GOTS certified organic cotton cover. Wadding filling with padding roll around the head. Removable to make the daily life of parents easier and to ensure that baby always has a clean and healthy sleeping surface. Discover the Topponcino sleep support in video. Tip: sleep with your Topponcino a few days before the baby is born so that it absorbs your scent. Baby will appreciate! Possibility of purchasing an additional cover for a clean and healthy sleeping surface. The Sleep Book by INSV

Marque Candide
Garantie 5 ans
Age Recommended 0-4 month
Material Fabric : 59% polyester, 41% cotton
lining : 100% cotton
filling : 100 polyester
color Beige
Dimensions 46cm x 70cm x 2.5cm
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