Candide childcare

Candide has been working for 40 years to develop quality childcare products to meet the expectations of young parents. Candide offers all the essential products for the arrival of your little one.

Candide Expert

Candide Expert offers ergonomic products, easy to use, which can also respond to the well known pathologies of infants. This pediatric range offers innovative, safe, technical and qualitative products with the sole aim of: reassuring and accompanying parents in their new role so that everything goes smoothly in this period full of upheaval.


Specialist in mattresses for children

Specialist in the sleep of toddlers, Candide offers a wide range of technical mattresses and made in France which have been the subject of much research to ensure optimal comfort for your children.


A complete offer for mom and baby

The French brand also offers a range of products dedicated to comfort and maternity but also travel and toiletry accessories.



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