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CANDIDE: Candide baby, toddler and children products are a premium, high-quality range of items created by a team of knowledgable people with quality and safety as a priority. Going back to the early 1980's, our teams have been developing products in response to customer needs and ever changing safety requirements; from innovative and extra-comfortable baby and children's mattresses to multifunctional pregnancy pillows to temperature controlling sleep bags and comforters, to a complete range of childcare products that offer comfort, ease-of-use and safety on a daily basis.

TINEO: With a complete range of smart, safe and trendy childcare products, Tinéo offers a range of affordable Mattresses , Sleeping Bags, Maternity Cushions and Play Mats that help develop motor skills; all created for young and budget conscious parents. is the official on-line store of all two brands. Our goal is to provide quality French-designed and French-made baby products to make life easier as well as fun for moms and dads.

Through the year, we may offer exclusive discounts, promotions and occasional clearance sales giving moms and dads a "deal" in addtion to quick and efficient home delivery!

It is more than 40 years Candide Baby Group has been creating innovative products in the nursery market; meeting changing safety requirements and always striving for 100% customer satisfaction with our designed and/or manufactured products Made in France.

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