Gaspard & Lily summer sleeping bag - 90 cm

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Expected delivery date : 26/06/2024
  • Norme
  • Size suitable for babies aged 9 to 24 months (65 to 80 cm)
  • Length of 90 cm.
  • TOG 0.5 for ambient temperatures above 24 degrees
  • Lightweight and ideal for balmy summer nights
  • Cotton jersey fabric
  • Side zip
  • Machine washable at 30°C for easy care.

Gaspard and Lily by Candide

Discover the Gaspard and Lily range, a cocoon of softness and comfort for your baby. This collection has been designed in a mixed floral print which will fit perfectly into the decorative world of your baby rooms!
A perfect sleeping bag in summer when baby is growing

The Candide summer sleeping bag is ideal for baby's first summer nights. It will cover baby and thus offer him quality sleep without him being too hot. A perfect alternative for the temperature variations of balmy summer nights. The TOG is 0.5, covering everything in lightness and comfort.

The sleeping bag, also known as a sleeping bag, is often recommended for infants and young children up to the age of 24 months for several reasons:

Sleep Safety: The sleeping bag is designed to avoid the use of blankets in bed, reducing the risk of suffocation or suffocation while sleeping.

Maintaining body temperature: Infants sometimes have difficulty regulating their body temperature. The sleeping bag offers an extra layer without the risk of the baby being exposed during the night.

Restricted mobility: Sleeping bags prevent the baby from moving around too freely during the night, which can be an important safety factor.
Transition from cradle to bed: Using a sleeping bag makes the transition from cradle to bed easier, as it provides continuity in terms of comfort and safety.

Comfort and familiarity: Some babies feel more secure in the familiarity of the sleep sack and this can contribute to more peaceful sleep.

An ultra practical everyday sleeping bag

The sleeping bag has a side zip for easy access to baby and easy changing. The zip slider has been mounted downwards to comply with current safety standards (so baby cannot have access to the opening or closing system).

The size of this summer sleeping bag is 90cm. It is perfect for children aged 9 to 24 months, or 65 to 80cm.


Dès 9 mois et jusqu'à 24 mois
TOG de 0.5
Doublure :100% Coton
Tissu : 96% Coton 4% Elasthanne
Modèle Gaspard et Lily
90x50x1 cm
Gaspard et Lily

Questions about this product?

    Qu'est ce que le TOG d'une gigoteuse ?

    Le TOG est une unité qui mesure l'indice de chaleur d'une matière. Plus le TOG est élevé, plus la gigoteuse de bébé lui tiendra chaud. Pour choisir une gigoteuse et donc un TOG, il faut prendre en compte la température ambiante de la chambre de bébé. 

    • TOG de 0.5 convient pour une gigoteuse d'été et une température ambiante de plus de 24°.
    • TOG de 1 convient pour une gigoteuse qui servira dans une pièce à température ambiante entre 18° et 24°.
    • TOG de 2.5 convient pour une utilisation quotidienne et une température ambiante comprise entre 15° et 21°.
    • TOG de 3 convient pour une gigoteuse d'hiver et une pièce à température ambiante inférieure à 18°.

Gaspard et Lily
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