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  • Déhoussable entretien facile
  • Tinéo maxi play mat
  • Scalable 5 in 1
  • Unfolded it is a maxi format playing surface
  • Folded in 2 it is an extra bed or a reading corner
  • Folded in 4 it transforms into a maxi pouf
  • With a specific folding it transforms into a tunnel or a cabin
  • Removable cover
  • Cover machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Made in France

Baby goes on an adventure with the Amazon theme

The Amazon theme is a mixed theme inspired by the lush jungle. Once again, a tropical theme still very current in warmer tones with animals. All with a geometric treatment and a spotted background which will give relief to the maxi play mat.

Baby works on his motor skills on this maxi children's play mat

This is a beautiful play space that this Tinéo play mat offers you to help baby discover and understand their motor skills, always in safety.

Tinéo strives to offer parents safe, quality and multifunctional products, discover the 5 features of your smart maxi mat:

     Unfolded, it offers a real play mat (180 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm).
     Folded in two, it becomes an extra bed or a reading corner (120 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm).
     Folded in 3, it transforms into a maxi ottoman for an extra seat and/or to easily store the product at the end of the day (60 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm).
     Using a specific folding system, it transforms into a tunnel.
     Thanks to its removable square and clever folding, it transforms into a cabin.

A large practical children's motor skills mat with removable cover

Tinéo, a French specialist in smart, multifunctional and above all practical products for families, has designed this maxi play mat by making it removable.

You can remove the cover completely and machine wash it at 30 degrees to keep it intact. The cover is made of 100% cotton, it is a soft material and ideal for baby's fragile skin.

The fiber used to pad the cover is not washable, it is soft enough to accommodate all of baby's acrobatics. Always safe on its 4cm thick motor skills mat, baby will spend hours playing, rolling around, crawling... always under the supervision of an adult.

The bottom of your play mat is made of polypropylene, this resistant material guarantees the longevity of your play mat, used in good conditions. Baby will only be able to use his motor skills mat indoors, on the floor.

Consider offering this pretty play mat to future parents, it will be very appreciated as a birth gift, thanks to its mixed theme.

The Tinéo maxi play mat is made in France

The clever Amazonie maxi rug from the Tinéo brand is made in France, in Maine et Loire in Angers.

Very popular with childminders, MAMs (Maternal Assistant Houses) and nurseries, this large format play mat perfectly enhances the collective spaces of young children.

Tip for parents: to increase baby's awareness, it is important to buy accessories with your play mat to further stimulate baby's senses. Accessories such as an activity arch, a mobile, toys, a mirror or even musical toys will allow you to create a “NIDO”. This term means in the Montessori method, a cocoon for your child, where he will be able to wake up, have fun and rest.

It is also advisable to change your baby's position regularly: on his back, on his stomach, on his side, to help him build muscle. Thanks to this change of position, you will help your baby to better support his head by avoiding leaving him on his back and risking flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly).

Please note: the fiber used to design this maxi motor skills mat has been designed and tested to withstand weights corresponding to those of young children. Tinéo cannot guarantee the longevity of the fiber if the mat is used by an adult or any other heavy weight.


Dès la naissance
Dessous : 100% Polypropylène
Garnissage : 100% fibre de polyester
Tissus : 100% coton
Modèle Amazonie
Non plié : 180 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm
Plié en 2 : 60 cm x 120 cm x 15 cm
Plié en 3 : 60 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm

Questions about this product?

    Puis-je laver mon tapis / maxi tapis de motricité ? 

    Votre tapis ou maxi tapis d'éveil/motricité est déhoussable. Seule la housse passe en machine à 30 degrés, pour conserver la housse intacte.

    Vous pourrez déhousser votre tapis facilement grâce aux fermetures éclair prévues à cet effet.

    Les plaques de fibres ne passent pas en machine, et ne peuvent pas être lavées. 

    Est-ce que tous les carrés de mon tapis de motricité / maxi tapis de motricité sont amovibles ? 

    Non, tous les carrés de votre tapis ou maxi tapis de motricité ne sont pas amovibles.

    • Pour les tapis de motricité (4 carrés) aucun carré ne se détache, le tapis peut se plier en 2 ou en 4 facilement.
    • Pour les maxi tapis de motricité (6 carrés) seul 1 carré est amovible et vous permet de réaliser les fonctions tunnel/cabane

    Comment assurer la longévité de mon tapis / maxi tapis de motricité ? 

    Un conseil pour assurer la longévité de votre tapis de motricité : seul votre enfant doit l'utiliser.

    En effet, la fibre composant votre tapis est conçue pour supporter uniquement le poids d'enfants en bas âges. Un poids adulte ou tout autre poids plus lourd risque d'écraser la fibre et endommager le tapis d'éveil.

    Sur quelles surfaces puis-je utiliser mon tapis / maxi tapis de motricité ?

    Votre tapis ou maxi tapis de motricité doit être utilisé uniquement à même le sol, plat.

    Ce tapis d'éveil n'est pas un tapis de parc, et ne peut y être placé sans risquer d'abîmer le dessous.

    Enfin, il n'est pas non plus conçu pour se placer dans un lit en dur ou dans un lit parapluie. Il ne se substitue pas à un matelas bébé pour le sommeil.

    Seule une utilisation au sol est recommandée pour votre tapis d'éveil.

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