Mini massage hot water bottle - brown sugar

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Expected delivery date : 26/06/2024
    • Mini massage hot water bottle
    • Calms stomach aches or colic thanks to heat
    • Cherry pit filling
    • Removable pouch to heat in seconds in the microwave
    • Hook-and-loop straps
    • To be placed on the stomach
    • Ergonomic
    • The spiral indicates the direction of the massage

    An ideal baby hot water bottle to soothe aches and pains

    The Candide mini cotton massage hot water bottle helps to console baby for small everyday aches and pains such as colic attacks which can appear from the first weeks and up to 4 months. A smart and useful product which will quickly become an essential for many parents, often helpless when it comes to this common problem affecting little ones.

    The benefits of thermotherapy

    Using heat is an effective method for relieving baby from stomach aches, colic and other minor annoyances. Integrated in a hot water bottle, the cherry pits previously heated (a few seconds in the microwave) will give baby a feeling of well-being and calming.
    A comforting and ergonomic baby hot water bottle

    Comforting: the mini massage hot water bottle is placed on baby's stomach and gives him a gentle sensation of warmth which will instantly soothe him
    Practical and easy to use: adjustable thanks to its hook-and-loop straps, the mini-hot water bottle stays in place on infants' stomachs and adapts to baby's size.
    Ergonomic: the spiral indicates the direction of the massage to complete the action of the heat through the massage and better relieve baby.


    Dès la naissance jusqu'à 4 mois
    100% coton
    Bouillotte : 100% noyaux de cerises
    Doublure : 100% coton
    Garnissage : 100% polyester
    Tissus dessus écru : 59% Polyester 41% Coton
    65x11 cm
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