• Made in France
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm
  • Air+ 15° cot wedge for bed 60x120cm

Air+ 10° Cot Wedge for Bed 60x120cm

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Expected delivery date : 14/06/2023
  • Fabrication Française
  • Déhoussable entretien facile
  • Raises baby's head
  • Tilted at 15 °
  • Raising improves sleep
  • Promotes digestion
  • Avoids regurgitation
  • Releases the respiratory tract
  • For 60x120cm cot
  • To be placed between the and the fitted sheet
  • 3D mesh central pad
  • Ventilated contact surface
  • Healthy sleeping
  • Limited perspiration
  • Completely removable cover
  • Cover machine washable at 30 ° li>
  • Made in France


The 15 ° Air + inclined plane for 60x120cm bed by Candide will provide additional comfort to baby when using his bed so that he can rest in better conditions. Normally, for safety during sleep, an infant should be lying flat on their back. In some cases it may be more comfortable or necessary to install it on an inclined plane. In case of respiratory discomfort (nasal congestion, cold, light snoring) or digestive disorder (regurgitation, gastric reflux?) The infant can be raised to the level of the head, which allows him to breathe better, without being in hyperextension. An inclination of 15 ° is then sufficient. Likewise, when he tends to regurgitate a little milk, once lying down after taking the bottle, it may be advisable to raise his chest so that his head is a little higher than his body. This position will prevent or reduce the rising of milk. The central 3D mesh pad provides a ventilated contact surface for healthy sleeping and limited baby sweating. This plane inclined at 15 ° Air + is to be placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet under the baby's head, it allows the baby's head to be raised to ensure better sleep. In addition, the inclined plane has the advantage of being removable which facilitates its maintenance, it is machine washable at 30 degrees for always perfect hygiene. Made in France, this 15 ° Air + inclined plane for a 60x120cm bed comes from Candide's historic French know-how. This 15 ° Air + inclined plane is also available for 70x140cm beds.


Dès la naissance jusqu'à 24 mois
Dessous : 96% polyester 4% Coton
Garnissage : 100% Polyuréthane
Maille 3D : 100% Polyester
Tissu : 100% coton
55cm x 35cm x 6cm

Questions about this product?

    Comment installer mon plan incliné bébé ? 

    Normalement, pour sa sécurité durant son sommeil, un nourrisson doit être couché à plat et sur le dos. Dans certains cas, il peut être plus confortable ou nécessaire de l’installer sur un plan incliné.

    Ce plan incliné est à placer entre le matelas et le drap housse sous la tête de bébé, il permet de surélever sa tête afin de lui assurer un meilleur sommeil.

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