• Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest
  • Crib Reducer Baby Nest

Crib Reducer Baby Nest

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Reference 705790
  • Norme
  • Déhoussable entretien facile
  • Ideal for the first months of life
  • To be adopted from the first nights
  • Reduces the bed space of the bed
  • Inspired by a mother's cocoon
  • Provides a sense of comfort
  • Comfortable padded base
  • Fully removable cover
  • Easy care cover at 30°.
  • Can be used on a play mat, a baby mattress or in a playpen
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Complies with current standards to guarantee baby a safe space 

Reassure baby during sleep from the very first months of life

After 9 months in utero, baby's arrival in the world is a real upheaval for both parents and baby. Your child goes from a restricted living space to one without limits, and loses his bearings.

The Bébé Nest crib reducer is designed to reduce your baby's sleeping space and create a sense of comfort, similar to the maternal cocoon he has known for 9 months.

You can use the Bébé Nest right from baby's first nights, placing him in his cot on the baby mattress or in his crib. During the day, you can use it on a playmat or in a playpen, always under adult supervision.

The little ears on the edge of the quilted boudin add a touch of affection to this sleeping aid, which will fit in perfectly with baby's soft world.

A cover removable, comfortable crib reducer for baby

Candide's Nest crib reducer is fully removable for easy care. The cover is machine-washable at 30° to keep it intact. You can offer baby a clean, healthy sleeping surface at all times. 

How do I remove the dust from my Bébé Nest reducer ? 

To remove the cover from your Bébé Nest crib reducer, simply remove the wadding that lines the central mattress with the polka-dot fabric. The rest of the cover then goes into the washing machine. Once the cover is dry, you can replace the wadded edge and close with the zipper.

In addition to the baby-friendly quilted edges, the central mattress is also very pleasant and will give your little one a comfortable night's sleep. Your child will feel tucked in and reassured.

Nomadic, the Bébé Nest crib reducer is easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go, with family or friends. What's more, the carry bag with handle makes it easy to transport without weighing you down.

The Bébé Nest bed reducer has been laboratory-tested and complies with current standards. You can rest assured that your baby is safe and comfortable.


Dès la naissance jusqu'à 6 mois
Dessous : 96% polyester 4% Coton
Garnissage : 100% polyester
Tissu central : 100% Polyester
Tissu rebords : 100% Coton
56cm x 86cm x 8cm
Avertissement : cesser l'utilisation aux 6 mois de bébé ou lorsqu'il se retourne seul ou qu'il est trop grand pour être installé correctement. Toujours positionner l'enfant sur le dos.
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