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Playmat XL Black / white

89,99 €

Including 1,50 € for ecotax

The XL version of the Candide Development Play Mat is an extra-large surface with black and white designs to stimulate development while playing. 

At an early age, black and white shapes and designs have been determined to assist in an infant's development.

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The Candide XL Development Mat is an extra large surface to allow infants to play in a stimulating environment. 
The XL Development Mat is a 5 in 1 product :

1. unfolded, the extra large surface is ideal for infants to play upon.
2. folded once, it becomes a comfortable sleeping surface.
3. folded twice, it becomes a seat upon which a child can sit.  it is also easier to store when not in use.
4. Folded in a different and easy configuration, it becomes a play tunnel.
5. Folded is a new configuration, it becomes a play fort.

The Black and White images, shapes and designs are visual aids which have been proven to help with an infant's development.
At birth, a baby's vision is very, very limited; it is estimated to be about 5% of that of an adult. 
Newborns are not able to distinguish colors or see anything clearly; they see only different shades of grey.  They can only see light and distinguish movements.

The contrasting black and white images encourage cognition, overall mobility and is mentally stimulating. 
The XL Candide Development Mat is also well-suited for use outside as the bottom is made of durable PVC which is waterproof and easy to wash. 

The cover can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Marque Candide
Age From birth
Specificity 5 in 1
Develop the vision
Motor skills
Material Fabric : 100% cotton
Filling : 100% polyester
Bottom : 100% PVC
color Black / white
Poids 2.35 kg
Dimensions UNFOLDED: 180 X 120 X 5 CM
FOLDED IN 2: 120 X 60 X 12 CM
FOLDED IN 3: 60 X 60 X 30 CM
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