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How to choose a baby bed? This is a very common question that many parents ask themselves. There are several options available to you, firstly in terms of cot size: you can choose a 60x120 cot or a 70x140 cot. The standard size baby bed is 60x120. It can be interesting to choose a bigger bed from the beginning, like a 70x140 baby bed, to anticipate the growth of your child.

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Le choix des bébés offers you high quality baby cots made in France. The traditional wooden baby bed is most often used for baby. Le Choix Des Bébés offers 60x120 cribs for children in several colors that will allow you to match the color of the baby's room. Most of the 60x120 crib models are also available in 70x140 size. Each crib offered on our site has different features. The folding baby bed is very practical for small spaces or for travelling. A baby bed with adjustable height will be very useful because it will adapt to the growth of the child by adjusting it on several heights. You will find several trendy crib colors on our website that will match the color of the baby's room. Looking for a natural look for your baby? All our cribs are available in natural wood colors for a Scandinavian look.

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