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Play yard

For several months, baby has been lying on the bouncer, discovering more of the world around him is essential. Touching, smelling, seeing, moving: all their senses are awake during the day. By placing your child in the wooden playpen, you can give them the opportunity to keep all the toys within reach while being under your supervision. Our Combelle brand baby playpens are made of solid beech wood, a solidity that gives us the confidence to guarantee them for 10 years. Finally, they are even made in France.

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Category Play yard

Combelle is a French brand of baby furniture that has been manufacturing baby furniture for many years. With its strong history, Combelle is a universe that combines know-how and tradition. Baby will be able to test his different senses and movements in safety. Standing, sitting or crawling, baby will have time to evolve and train.

In this category, you will discover models of wooden playpens made in France. The Gaby model which is a park in the shape of squares. Its clean lines make it timeless, it is also very practical, because it is equipped with wheels to move it easily. The second model of baby playpen of Combelle is the Florian playpen, octagonal in shape, it is original and very practical, because it can be adjusted on several heights. All the playpens of Combelle have wheels and are adjustable on the height that you wish so as to accompany the growth of baby and thus to be evolutionary playpen.

Our playgrounds can be evolutionary and follow the growth of the toddlers. Thus, baby will have a play area where he can learn to stand thanks to the barriers. Some solid wood models can be equipped with a play mat for even more free motor skills.

In a sober and lacquered design for the young parents, the playground is spacious and your toddlers will be able to blossom and cling to their games for their play activity in complete safety.

The Combelle baby playpens are made of natural solid beech wood from sustainably managed forests and have the PEFC label. By buying a Combelle piece of furniture you also make an ecoresponsible purchase. The delivery is offered and the playpens are easy to assemble. The playpens allow baby to explore his world and his motor skills while being safe, this space of awakening is totally adapted for baby.

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