Category Travel Matress for baby

Traveling with baby should always seem practical and feasible. Even when traveling, baby should be able to sleep just like at home. Here are 2 good reasons to browse through this category of travel baby mattresses selected by Baby Choice. The brands Candide and Tinéo offer you their travel mattresses that are very practical to carry. The category offers you 2 types of nomadic mattresses: the folding baby travel mattresses and the rolled baby travel mattresses. The folding baby mattresses are very useful because they fold in 2 or 3 depending on the model and can be transported more easily. Some models of folding travel mattresses are made with breathable 3D mesh and allow air to circulate better, so baby doesn't get too hot in sweaty areas such as the back or head. The second type of baby travel mattress offered by Baby's Choice is the rolled nomad mattress. Even more compact, it rolls up and slips into its carrying pouch with handle, so you can take it everywhere very easily, it does not take up any space. You don't have to worry about baby's sleep anymore thanks to our travel baby mattresses, your little one will sleep peacefully everywhere. All the travel mattresses have the dimensions 60x120cm.

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